The Moroccan


Moroccan Ridge Tent – Lined with silk. 20 x 10mtrs

This grand caidal Moroccan marquee is a traditional styled canvas marquee with beautiful swooping lines of the elegant classic garden party marquee.It has a beautiful custom designed rich pale blue and green silk woven fabric lining creating beautiful luxury tent interior.

This Tent is Ideal for romantic traditional weddings or formal garden parties and events where style or a little extra elegance is called for. It has three supporting poles inside the marquee which can be decorated with ribbons flowers and a sleek lighting design all included.

Karon Foxwell June 2013 (best)-35 web

We can also supply finishing touches that will ensure an unforgettable event i.e. elaborate lanterns, intricate Moroccan items.

The tent felt magical with the light shining through the high ceilings, most remarkable” We can also supply floor rugs, cushions, plants, bar/dance floor and a number of different floorings.


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